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    Mattress Pad vs Mattress Topper

    mattress pad

    Mattress pads and toppers help us get a night of quality sleep to enhance comfort and sleep. Mattress pads add an extended layer to your bed and make your bed softer and comfortable to sleep.

    But the mattress toppers are a thicker and advanced version of mattress pads that make your beds more comfortable and peaceful for sleep than the mattress pads. Today, we will compare mattress pads and mattress toppers to find which one is better for us to choose.

    What is a mattress pad?

    The mattress pad is an extensive layer on your bed that is thinner and made of wool, feather, cotton, latex, synthetic fibers, or memory foam.

    The mattress pad layer is covered with quilted fabric, makes your bed softer, and protects your bed from stains, accidental spills, and other damages.  

    They are thinner, so mattress pads are easier to move, wash, clean, and maintain than mattress toppers.

    What is a mattress topper?

    Suppose you want to make your beds feel better and softer than mattress pads, then the mattress pads are the other option. These are a thicker version of mattress pads that provides extra support, comfort, and a softer experience on your bed.

    They are also long-lasting than the mattress pads and used for firmness to your beds. Mattress toppers are heavier and thicker; they need proper care and difficulty washing, cleaning, and maintaining.

    Mattress pads VS mattress toppers

    Here are some major features that we can compare to know better about mattress topper and mattress pads


    Mattress pads add cushioning to your bed that is lightweight, easy to move, wash in the machine, and easy to maintain. They also provide a protective layer to your beds.

    While the Toppers are thicker in size that gives a better feel than the mattress pads, Mattress toppers are durable and help you get relief from back pain and body aches.


    There are the following major types of mattress pads when it comes to types of mattress pads.

    • Feather mattress pads
    • Woolen mattress pads
    • Cotton mattress pads
    • Latex mattress pads
    • Memory foam mattress pads
    • Synthetic fibers mattress pads

    Mattress toppers have the below types comparing to mattress pads

    • Memory foam mattress topper
    • Featherbed mattress topper
    • Latex Mattress topper
    • Wool mattress topper


    Mattress pads come in a thickness range of less than one inch, while the mattress toppers come in above one inch; its range is between 2 inches to 6 inches.


    When compared in durability with mattress pads, Mattress toppers found better because mattress toppers are made up of high-quality material that provides it firmness. Its thickness also makes them durable and long-lasting than mattress pads.


    Mattress toppers are more comfortable than mattress pads. They are thicker, which makes your beds softer and comfortable than the mattress pads.


    Mattress toppers are costly than mattress pads.

    Final Thoughts

    Mattress pads and mattress toppers offer to cushion your beds, but mattress toppers are better than the mattress pads in all features except price and maintenance. Both are good to choose from, but mattress toppers are better than mattress pads for heavy-weight and sick people.


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